The Wonder of Libraries

“Librarian Hamster questions your ability to survive in the wild.” So, today after work I stopped off at my local library to pick up Bed of Roses which I had on hold. And while there I scored big time. They had Storm’s Heart by Thea Harrison. Oh yeah! See, I LOVED Dragon Bound but was […]

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March 8, 2012


So, how many of you guys are on Pinterest? I’m addicted! Addicted, I tell you. I’m quasi-organized, a weird hybrid creature; I can be super organized when the occasion calls for it and horribly messy/all over the place if I’m not paying attention. Pinterest clearly applies to the organized part of my soul. I found […]

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March 6, 2012

Hello, World

So, I’m abandoning my old pen name (E.D. Walker) and making a new start as Beth Matthews. It’s a new me! 🙂 Mostly, I’m making the pen name change because the books now have sex in them (whereas my previous two books were sweet with nothing warmer than kisses). Also, when going by the initials […]

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March 4, 2012
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