MUSIC BREAK: Disney (Whee!)

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but Disney movies formed an integral part of my childhood and even nowadays whenever I’m in a bad mood and I need a pick me up if I just listen to a few Disney songs (and sing a long) suddenly the gray clouds cheer up.

“Out There”–The Hunchback Of Notre Dame: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack

I didn’t really get this movie when I first saw it as a kid. (Although I did, and still do, adore Kevin Kline’s turn as the hunky Phoebus.) But as I’ve grown older I think some of the best and most emotional music Disney’s ever written is to be found in this movie.

“Be Prepared”–The Lion King: Special Edition

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the villains really get all the best songs in Disney movies. And nothing really tops this deliciously evil number from The Lion King. My nephew and I sing this one in the car. For a short feminine type person I do a surprisingly good Scar. And my nephew enjoys playing all the hyenas. (He scolds me if I sing any part but Scar’s. Little dictator…)

“Into the Open Air”–Brave

This is a newer one but I really loved the music in Brave as well as the complicated mother/daughter relationship.

“Prince Ali”–Aladdin Soundtrack

Can you tell I’m a child of the 90s? I still remember seeing this multiple times in the theater and loving every minute of it. Nothing beats the manic energy and fun of Robin Williams’ Genie.

“Once Upon a Dream”–Sleeping Beauty

This is a sentimental favorite for me. (Plus, Prince Phillip is dreamy…). My mom used to sing this to me when I was very little, and my dad would waltz with me. And Mom was only allowed to sing and Dad was only allowed to dance. If they tried to switch roles my 3 yo self became very displeased…OK, so maybe my nephew isn’t the only child dictator on the family tree. ;P

What are some of your favorite Disney songs?

September 4, 2013
michellehowardwrites - September 4, 2013

I’m a fan of almost all of the songs from Aladdin and I cant believe Beauty and the Beast didn’t make rank. LOL. I love the song about Gaston and all the beer sloshing going on at the tavern

    E.D. Walker - September 4, 2013

    I do love Beauty and the Beast (of course!) but I could only pick 5 and I wanted to do a mix of more obscure as well as the old standbys. 🙂

    I love “Something There” from B&tB. In high school one of my friends and I would sing “Bonjour” on all the bus trips. I do a surprisingly good Gaston. lol.

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