Music Break: MUSICALS!!!

Yes I needed three exclamation points. Don’t judge me.

I’m kind of obsessed with musicals. It started as a kid. My mom used to love watching musicals with us, especially Kiss Me Kate and Calamity Jane (because of this, my sister and I each have a deep and enduring obsession with the wonderful and sexay Howard Keel.) As I’ve grown, the obsession has continued…grown. Right now I possess 1.4 days worth of music from Musicals on my iPod. That’s DAYS, btw. DAYS, not hours.

As such, I thought it was high time I did one of these posts on my favorites musicals.

This is one of my very favorite numbers ever, and not just for the sexy Kevin Kline doing his high-kicks. I love the sense of fun in this movie. And singing pirates? Does it get better than that? I think not.

(Sorry I couldn’t find a better quality video. This version is out on DVD now. I highly recommend it if you enjoy musicals. Or Kevin Kline. Or both…)

“With Cat-Like Tread”–The Pirates of Penzance


I’m kind of a big Sondheim fan, but my first Sondheim was Into the Woods and it’s still my favorite. He’s such an emotional writer. His shows always pack a wallop, and no where is that more evident in this moving yet uplifting number from Into the Woods.

“No One is Alone”–Into the Woods


Now, I wouldn’t be a musical fanatic if I didn’t have some Fosse in here. The man was brilliant and so detailed oriented it blows your mind. I can never get enough of watching his work.

“On the Right Track”–Pippin


In middle school I went to see Ragtime at the Pantages. Oh My God that musical just took my breath away. I still listen to the soundtrack all the time. And this is one of my favorite songs on the very emotional, intense and even humorous score.

“Back to Before”–Ragtime


And, now, to wrap up, just in case you thought I was lying about Howard Keel, listen to this:

“Higher than a Hawk”–Calamity Jane


Wow, the man had pipes.

Hope you enjoyed these. Do you like musicals? What’s your favorite? 🙂

August 24, 2013
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