WIP Meme (Take 2)

I was poking through my blog archive and came across this post from last year.

Since I now have a new WIP I thought it might be fun to update the meme.

Writers go to page 77 of your WIP (work-in-progress), find line number seven, and copy the next seven lines.

Here they are:
Romeo and Juliet

“Lachlan, being an arrogant ass, assumed the part was his. But Max is getting into the game.” The beer bottles arranged to her satisfaction, Tierney propped her chin on one hand and slid a smug, amused glance toward Lachlan.

Cassie raised her eyebrows. “Making nice with the director for a part? That won’t end well.”

Tierney laughed. “Such a pessimist. I’m sure Max and Judith will live theatrically ever after.”

Nicola flinched as Max moved toward their booth, but he was only escorting Judith to a table several feet away. He held a chair out for the director and happened to glance over.

This is the one I just sent to my agent last week. Fingers crossed she likes it.

July 28, 2013
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