Sunday Night Check-in

Hullo. This isn’t a real post, more of a “hi, how was your day, dear” kind of thing. This is rambly and unfocused. Perhaps amusing, though. I hope…

Anyway, you’ve been warned. Enter at your own risk…

So I finished the shiny-as-polished-as-I-can-make-this-on-my-own-draft of the new Rom Com novel and sent it to my agent this week. Waiting to hear back from her. I do love this book. I got sick of it in the middle of editing and began second-guessing myself (as you always do) but, by the time I was done, I was in love again. That’s how you know you truly, unconditionally love your book: do you still like it after editing it five times?

And yes, yes I do.

So my mom is sort of poaching on my Fictional Boyfriend territory. I was hanging at her house today, and I had my laptop out watching a clip of the so delightful Tom Hiddleston after his ComiCon appearance–

(Btw, did you see what he did at ComiCon did this year?! Stuff like this is why he has earned my eternal devotion. Eternal, I tell you:

And my moms got all hot and bothered by the way he said “raison d’etre” in the clip. (Which I can’t find now, of course.) I mean, I don’t blame her, the man’s voice is pure, undiluted sex appeal but, hey, back off, Moms! Hiddles is all mine! Mine I tell you.

(I’m loopy tonight. Dunno why…caffeine? What DO they put in Low Calorie Arnold Palmer?)

So, anyway, now that the Rom Com book is done (for the moment) I get to play with my screenplay again. Yay! Cocky scoundrels and prickly scientists. Time Travel and poachers and romance oh my!

Genre-wise I’m aiming for romantic action adventure. Think The Mummy. Think Romancing the Stone. Think “Wow, that sounds awesome. I really want Beth’s screenplay to become a movie!”

My Jedi mind powers need some work, don’t they? These aren’t the droids you’re looking for...

I took Mom to see Pacific Rim tonight. This is not as odd as it may sound. My mother’s favorite movie is Aliens. (She’s a Hicks/Ripley shipper. But then aren’t we all?) And she saw World War Z on her own twice. She really loves The End of the World as We Know It Stuff. She also, you know, writes SF novels. I learned my geekiness at her knee pretty much.

I got a little nervous right before we went to the movie, though.

What if Mom doesn’t love Pacific Rim, after all?

You must understand, I’ve spent the last week GUSHING about this movie. How much I loved the world building, the characters. Charlie Hunnam…


Charlie Hunnam without a shirt…

blog 3

…what if I had oversold the film and Mom ended up not liking it? Or not liking it as much as my hype had led her to believe she would? There’s nothing worse than picking the wrong movie and making your loved one sit through something they hate.

But I needn’t have worried. I do know my mother’s taste pretty well, after all.

She loved it. ^_^

And SHE had a thing for Idris Elba, so no worries on that front about Fictional Boyfriend poaching. *whew* She even liked the musical score. Total recommendation win across the board for me. *imaginary high-5*

I now have a post good-movie-buzz and about 20lbs of leftover Chinese food from lunch in the fridge. FMW.

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

And, bonus question, who’s your fictional boyfriend/girlfriend? ;P

July 21, 2013
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