Resolutions: Six Month Check-in


Well, obviously, I haven’t checked in every month on my resolutions but it’s been six months now, so let’s see how I’m doing on those pesky resolutions?

My (Official) Resolutions for 2013:

1. Start learning a martial art

This is still spinning around in my back-brain but weight loss is still priority #1. Money is also an issue. I should just grit my teeth and dive into this one, though. There’s always going to be an excuse isn’t there? Verdict: NO PROGRESS. :(

2. Visit a foreign country

I’m still socking away a little “travel” money with every paycheck, but I still haven’t applied for my passport. I haven’t picked a destination. Really, no forward momentum other than saving money. And if I save the money but never go, that’s not really so great. I’m just intimidated by the whole going to a foreign country alone thing. Anyone have some helpful hints for me on this? Although, the travel money will still be put to good use this year because I am going to Viable Paradise 17. Whee! Verdict: No  REAL Progress. :)

3. I will complete one large writing project and one small writing project

I set a goal for myself to try and write 1000 words every day this year. So, for the first six months of the year I had a goal to write 151K words. I finished the first draft of my next RomCom novel on April 9th, so now all I have left to do is finish another small writing project. Verdict: HALF DONE! (Woot!!!)

4. Figure out What’s Next? as far as my day job goes.

Well I’d sort of almost decided I was going to give up and just get my MBA, but then I realized that if I do that I will basically be giving up my writing career for the whole time I’m in school and…I’m not going to do that. BUT I did get a promotion at work last month. I think I know what path I am on there. My ultimate goal is really to quit and write full time anyway. If that hasn’t come to fruition I will reevaluate where I’m at in the day job in a few years. Verdict:  COMPLETE (For now)

5. Weight/Exercise

No comment except Verdict: NO PROGRESS. [Like at all. :( ]

Ok, those were the big goals. Now for my Officially Not Official Goals which, actually, have been doing much better…

My (Non-Official) Resolutions for 2013:

1. Take horseback riding lessons

No money for this as yet and not really much time. I don’t feel too bad reporting Verdict: No Progress

2. Organize my bookshelves

This is where I kicked ASS. I actually went on a little nesting binge in my apartment–triggered by who knows what–and I decorated, hung my art, got the last of my unpacked boxes unpacked, and *gasp* organized the book shelf. (And I have photographic proof! Proof I tell you!)…(Yes these books are all shelved two deep. I live in a studio apartment, space is at a premium).

2013-02-01 18.11.16Can I just take a moment to say how much I enjoy Shakespeare’s Complete Works shelved Cheek by Jowl with the Star Wars mangas?

Verdict: DONE! Done, bitches, done! *happy dance*

3. Finish my half-completed fantasy novel

Still haven’t finished the other stuff yet so this is still on the backburner. But it will be my project for Viable so I really can’t touch it now until October and the workshop. Verdict: No Progress but I don’t feel bad about that anymore. 🙂

4. Sleep like a normal person

I’ve been doing pretty good about this. I slip a little on the weekends but, for the most part, I’ve been going to bed at 10pm and getting out of bed at 6-7 ish. And I feel 100% better. Sleep: it does a body good. Who knew? Verdict: GOOD Progress. Now if I could just get my cat to stop waking me up at 4am…

5. See more of my friends/Socialize more

I’ve been doing good with this. I went to a speed-dating event last month. That was fun. Odd. But fun. And efficient. It really does take me about a minute to figure out whether I’m interested or not, so five minute dates could be a real time saver for me. LOL. The booth next to mine was empty so when the guy’s got over to sit in the empty booth I made a joke that they had a date with my friend, the invisible girl. And they laughed every time. Because I am HI-larious. This blog says so. I’ve also had a weekly date with my best girl friend for dinner, I’ve been socializing with my writing group a lot. I’ve been pretty busy most weekends. Verdict: GOOD Progress

Overall I feel pretty good about my writing life and my social life. Now for the rest of the year I need to put some focus on my health.

I’ll do a Year of Books check-in post some other time because this post is already way too long. All right, enjoy your weekend, kids! I’m off to see Pacific Rim! (More socializing. Go me! ;P)

July 13, 2013
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