Music Break: Mellow Edition

Realized I haven’t done one of these music blogs in awhile and I just found a bunch of good songs from Pandora.

Get ready for some serious chillin’ out, my friends…

A Fine Frenzy was part of the visual inspiration for my heroine Freddy. I love her vocal licks and the interesting intonations she does. (AFF, not my fictional character. To be clear.)

A Fine Frenzy–“Near to You”

I’m a hardcore Miranda Lambert fangirl and I love her harmonies here with the other Pistol Annies. I love country girls with some bite. And three in one song giving back as good as they get? Yes.

The Pistol Annies–“Run Daddy Run”

I’d never heard this band before but I really dig this. It’s got kind of a late 90s vibe. Ah, nostalgia. ^_^

He is We–“All About Us”

Joshua Radin has a very mellow, Jack Johnson-esque vibe. Perfect if you’re just looking to chill out and relax.

Joshua Radin–“I’d Rather Be With You”

I’ve got a bunch of Christina Perri on my iPod. She’s my go-to dreamy songstress with a raspy voice.

Christina Perri–“Distance”

That’s all I got for now. Based on this, do y’all have any recs for me? 🙂

July 24, 2013
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