Happy 4th! Have some Videos!


OK, this isn’t a real post. Sorry. But it’s the day of fireworks and BBQ! What do you expect of me?! I’m only human. ;P

In lieu of a real post have some patriotic videos. These are more entertaining than I usually am in my blatherings anyway…

First off, two from the very fabulous old-timey movie Holiday Inn starring Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby. Which I cannot embed sadly, but which I love so very much so I shall link to them.

Bing Crosby singin’ ’bout FREEDOM. To the backdrop of WWII Propaganda. Catchy!

Fred Astaire doing his best to blow himself up while tap-dancing

Now, always a classic, the Schoolhouse Rock song about the Declaration of Independence:


Culture! Morality! Patriotism! From Sam the (American) Eagle of the Muppets!


And now, probably my very favorite July 4th video of all time. 1776 by Robot Chicken. “This. Is. AMERICA!”

July 4, 2013

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