Music Break 3: Nashville Special


The TV Show Nashville is one of my favorite new shows this year. It is SUCH a soap opera. Addicts and secret babies and divas and dirty politics and country music oh my! The characters are all really complicated and interesting, even the people I thought would be pretty cookie cutter (Teddy) when the show started have proven deeper than I anticipated. And the two leads Rayna (Connie Britton) and Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) are A-MAZING.

But the thing I really love about Nashville is the music. (Especially the Gunnar/Scarlet stuff). There’s usually at least one song every episode that I want to buy. (Usually the Gunnar/Scarlet stuff.) So, here’s my recommended listening list for Nashville. Enjoy!


(Gunnar kicks ass like a pro, sings like a dream, AND he can kiss pretty damn good. WHY is Scarlet not having hot monkey sex with him, yet? Oh yeah, because it’s a TV SHOW. I worry how many more seasons they’ll drag this one out. Sigh.)

This list could pretty much be all the Gunnar/Scarlet stuff but, as with previous lists, I have decided to limit my selection to one of their songs.


Other good Gunnar/Scarlet stuff: Um, all of it! But really, try: If I Didn’t Know Better, I Will Fall, When the Right One Comes Along, and Change Your Mind

The other big couple on the show is Rayna/Deacon. See, Rayna and Deacon were childhood sweethearts. They broke into show biz together, but then Rayna became a big name and Deacon kind of became her back-up singer. Oh, and an alcoholic. Some really good angst with these two. Great chemistry too. They NEED to do more songs together.


Sadly there are no more Deacon/Rayna songs to recommend as yet. 🙁

Next we have another Deacon duet, but this one is with the uppity young starlet Juliette. I love the chords in this. And the lyrics. The lyric writing on Nashville really kicks ass, I gotta say.


Since Nashville enjoys mixing their people up so much (except for Gunnar and Scarlet) here’s a general list of good songs from Nashville. (There are a lot): Back Home (Deacon), Wrong Song (Rayna/Juliette), One Works Better (Gunnar/Scarlet & Band).

So, any recommendations for me? TV shows? Music? Do you watch Nashville? Am I the only one who ships Liam/Juliette?

March 2, 2013

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