Writer’s Wednesday: The Money

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Well, I got all my tax documentation today and I thought it might be interesting to look at what kind of money my books made last year. To disprove, yet again, that all authors are raking in the big bucks!

Both these titles are under my YA-friendly pen name E.D. Walker. (Beth Matthews has yet to release any books. And, yes, sometimes it weirds me out to be talking about myself in third person.)

The Beauty’s Beast was my first book, and it’s been out as an ebook since late 2010. According to the tax docs my publisher sent, I made $270.32 in royalties on this book last year. So, about $22 a month, which it has been doing pretty steadily since 2010.*

Heir to the Underworld is my second book and it had a bit more of a checkered past. It was published by a (very) small epublisher, also in 2010. The publisher went under in 2011. I re-released Heir myself as an ebook and print-on-demand January of 2012. About halfway through the year I went to the dark side and joined Amazon’s KDP program**.

In 2012, for Heir, the money looked like this:

I made $13.35 through Createspace (this is the print book)

I made $60.06 through Amazon Europe (ebooks only)

And I made $176.48 through Amazon proper.

All totaled, Heir made me about $255 last year, and most of that was strictly from Amazon.***

So, let’s all do the math, as an author last year I made about…$525.

I did free promos for Heir to the Underworld, but other than that I didn’t really push the books. I think for a pretty much no-name author, doing no promo, with only two books to her name, this is respectable. Still, I’d like to at least double this by the end of 2013*****.

Anyway, always interesting to crunch the numbers, neh?


Beth Matthews

*My royalty check came at the same time as the tax stuff: $23.06 for Jan. 2013. It always startles me a bit how constant the $20 royalties are for The Beauty’s Beast, month in, month out. People just love werewolf knights, maybe?

**And, yes, it’s been true for me I made more money in KDP than out of it.

***For the past few months, Heir has been averaging about $60-70 every month so I expect to do a bit better than this in 2013.

****No, that wasn’t a subtle hint to buy my E.D. Walker books*****

*****But if you WANTED to try one of my E.D. Walker books I wouldn’t, you know, stop you. ;P

February 5, 2013

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