Music Break 1

I thought it might be fun to do a write-up each week with my top three favorite new songs. (Why yes, I DO buy a lot of music. Why do you ask?)

Part of this is just for my mom. She doesn’t use Pandora or listen to the radio or watch any of the music video channels so she has no organic way to get introduced to new music. When we car-pooled together she would just raid my music collection. But now we don’t commute and she has suffered from a dearth of new music ever since.

I also figured if I was doing this for Mum, some of you might be interested as well. I know I always like music suggestions (Why yes, I DO buy a lot of music. Why do you ask?).

So, here are my three favorite new songs I discovered this week. (In no particular order…)

OH! I should note that I get most of my new music off Pandora so I sometimes discover songs LONG after the rest of the world. Just FYI. 😀


With their trademark romantic, heartfelt duets, Lady Antebellum DOES tend to be a bit formulaic, and you might not want to listen to too many LA songs in a row. But they do the songs well so it still works for me.

Other good Lady Antebellum songs: Cold as Stone, Just a Kiss, Need You Now, Something Bout a Woman

For a total change of pace we have Imelda May who does bluesy, rockabilly stuff. Really energetic and fun. I love her voice. The guitar in “Eternity” makes me want to do air guitar.


Other good Imelda May songs: Johnny Got a Boom Boom, Inside Out (Remix), I’m Lookin’ For Someone to Love

I think I have a thing for folksy guitar riffs…
[youtube] This is the only Oh Hello song I have but I am keeping my ears peeled for more.

Hope you liked the music. 🙂

February 16, 2013
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