The Perils of Office Work

So, I’m trying to shed some extra poundage. I’ve got a bridesmaid dress I want to look hot in come May.

But I keep getting into trouble with my healthy eating at my day job. See, this is one of the perils of office work that doesn’t get mentioned so much: the food.

There’s candy and sweets and stuff everywhere, all the time. I also have a coworker who lives to bake and she brings in some kind of delicious, home-baked from scratch dessert every week! Apart from the difficulty of saying no to cake–anytime, ever–there’s also the problem that when someone makes something to share with the group you don’t want to be the jerk who says, “Oh, no thank you. My diet.” The cake is cake but it’s also office bonding and you’re screwing yourself out of that when you say no.

And then there’s the candy. My work place is a bit old-fashioned so there is an expectation that the staff assistants will have candy on their desks. And the business ops people, too. There’s candy on my desk and two of coworkers’ down the hall. So when I’m craving chocolate it’s always right there. Really, I should learn to buy candy for my desk that I don’t like because then I won’t eat it. But temptation is a hard master to resist.

But this week I will resist. If temptation wrestles me to the ground I will punch it in the face.

Update: Of course, no sooner had I made this resolve than the baking co-worker brought in Texas sheet cake.

Just hell.




March 12, 2012

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