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So, I’m abandoning my old pen name (E.D. Walker) and making a new start as Beth Matthews. It’s a new me! 🙂

Mostly, I’m making the pen name change because the books now have sex in them (whereas my previous two books were sweet with nothing warmer than kisses).

Also, when going by the initials E.D. I got called “Ed” a lot, and that can get a little wearing on a person. This (female) person anyway.

Also, I’m branching out into a new genre: romantic comedy/contemporary romance. I just wrote fantasy stuff before (historical and contemp YA). I know romcom is more of a movie genre than an accepted romance genre at the moment but that seems a more on the nose descriptor to me for my stuff than just “contemporary romance.” I’ve read plenty of great contemp romances that didn’t have an ounce of funny in them. And my books are full of my particular brand of wry/goofy/sarcastic humor.

So, now admin business is out of the way, how was my day?

Pretty quiet Sunday. I’ve got my head down right now trying to finish up revisions on Beauty & the Bouncer. I’m reading it aloud to myself which I’d never tried before but am finding quite useful actually. There are all these sentences that I deluded myself were fine when I just read them in my head, but saying them out loud I realize “No, that 300 word sentence doesn’t work, Elizabeth. Time to cut it into two. Maybe three.” (I always use my full name when I’m being stern with myself.)

Problem with reading aloud is it takes a LOT longer than reading to myself. So, the book I thought I would be done with last week probably won’t be done until some time NEXT week. *sigh*

Cat was happy today, though, because editing means I spend a lot of the time on the couch and THAT means he gets to sleep on me. Cat is never happier than when he gets to sleep on Mommy. The only thing almost as good is sleeping on newly laundered clothes. Or scamming an extra can of food.

I’m on a Nora Roberts jag right now too. I’ve tried a few of her books before and she never really worked for me because of that dark thread of rape and child abuse that winds through a lot of her books. I find her compulsively readable, woman can write a great turn of phrase, but I couldn’t deal with the darkness. But then I read Tribute, which I LOVED. OMG, find me a Ford right now and I will marry him. After Tribute, I looked into the Bride Quartet which seemed like they would be light, fun reads (I finished Vision in White last night. Enjoyable and yes, very light and fluffy. Have to wait to start Bed of Roses because the library was closed today. Curses!) And THEN, in what I’m sure was Kismet, I poked through a box of books my mom’s sending to Goodwill and found a copy of Northern Lights which I had been wanting to try. I started it over lunch today and spent WAY too much time devouring it when I should have been editing B&B.

How’s your Sunday going? Got any Nora Roberts books (that DON’T have rape and/or child abuse in them) to recommend to me?

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March 4, 2012

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