Groceries and the Green Lantern

Still doing that upward slog trying to get back on track with the healthy eating. I need to grocery shop which I KNOW helps me stay on track. I’m much less likely to eat crap when there’s good food that I’ve already paid for sitting in the house. But I just…really hate the grocery store. Always have. I think it stems from my childhood when mom would drag me to the store and I was always FREEZING. And it was so long and boring. I’ve never really gotten over that aversion. Ah, for the days of hired help when a ruddy-cheeked housekeeper or kitchen maid could have done all this for me. While my husband the handsome duke rubs my feet while the little ones play on the floor with the dogs…

Watched Green Lantern tonight. I think it had a lot of potential. I like that they were willing to venture into all that weird shit that comic books so routinely bring to the table. But the movie as a whole felt underdeveloped. Like they stopped one or two drafts too soon. Ryan Reynolds was fabulous, of course. He’s such a wonderful mixture of charming and goofy and sexy as hell. But WHY did they put him in a CGI costume? He’s Ryan Reynolds, he’s gorgeous, his body is gorgeous, why are you ruining that by throwing him into the uncanny valley from the neck down? I know what a human body is supposed to look like and move like and that ain’t it.

Ryan Reynolds knows how he’s supposed to look. Don’t you, sweet knees?



Why yes, I did just post gratuitous Ryan Reynolds. Is there a problem?


Beth Matthews

March 15, 2012

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